Ultimate Reading Glasses

A website showcase of the URG website design. 7 design pages are laid out in a carousel fashion. The website design is mostly a deep blue color with many images throughout.

Reading Glasses that Stay Put - No Matter What

A mobile phone mockup picture showing the Ultimate Reading Glasses website design. A carrousel of people wearing reading glasses while going throughout their daily lives is the main focus, along with the words that read "Shop our reading glasses today."


Ultimate Reading Glasses


November 2023


North Carolina, USA

Ultimate Reading Glasses faced challenges with their outdated website, which not only appeared untrustworthy, but was also non-functional due to unforeseen circumstances. The urgency to maintain their existing customer base and enable seamless orders prompted the need for an immediate solution. Additionally, URG requested new branding, and the existing ecommerce platform was proving ineffective, necessitating a transition to Shopify for more efficient business operations.

To preserve over 3 thousand backlinks and to maintain their SEO rankings, a careful process of implementing 301 redirects was undertaken during the website transition. The new website, designed and built on Shopify, marked a significant departure from the previous rough appearance. In addition to overhauling the brand design, I introduced an improved sales system featuring strategic call-to-actions, intuitive site navigation, attractive display of benefits, testimonials, FAQs, and other elements to enhance user experience, and guide the them to take action.

The outcome was swift and impactful. In less than two weeks post-launch, Ultimate Reading Glasses witnessed a substantial increase in new orders, translating into thousands in revenue. The positive feedback from customers underscored the success of the redesigned website, demonstrating its effectiveness in providing information accessibility and facilitating customer actions. The owners of the company expressed their satisfaction with the final results, affirming the transformation's positive impact on their business growth and customer engagement.

"Dalton was a joy to work with. I know nothing about web design, yet he was able to give me exactly what I wanted with despite the 'tech language barrier'. I would recommend him to anyone!"
A testimonial headshot picture of Eva Garcia, owner of URG, and one of Dalton's web design clients.

Eva Garcia


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