Ranford Almond

A web design showcase of some of the pages of the Ranford Almond website. Showcasing a light colored design with pink and baby blue accents. This is a modern looking design with lots of imagery.

Bringing the soul from Greensboro

A mobile phone mockup picture showing the Ranford Almonds website design. Ranford Almond's album titled "Old Soul" is the main focus.


Ranford Almond


April 2023


North Carolina, USA

Ranford Almond, a talented young singer/songwriter and troubadour, recognized the importance of establishing a strong online presence to broaden his reach, promote his music, and sell merchandise. His challenges included the need for an online platform, a lack of web development knowledge, time constraints due to his busy music schedule, and a desire for a unique website design.

To address these challenges, I provided a comprehensive solution, creating an ecommerce website showcasing Ranford's music, events, and merchandise, along with a user-friendly content management system for easy updates. The distinctive design helped him stand out in the music industry, and an efficient sales system led to a significant revenue increase post-launch.

Ranford gained confidence in managing his website, streamlined his operations, and had more time for music and artistic pursuits. Positive publicity and community support further enhanced his reputation and visibility. In conclusion, the website not only met Ranford's immediate needs but also paved the way for long-term success, empowering him to pursue his musical career with confidence, connect with fans, and achieve a higher level of artistic success.

"Dalton built me the perfect website to get my business moving in the right direction. In addition to the professional and visually pleasing design of the site, it is extremely easy to navigate. Thanks to Dalton, my fans are now able to access my tour dates, merchandise, music, media, and general information with ease. Dalton was very helpful and easy to work with throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!"
A testimonial headshot picture of Ranford Almond, owner of Ranford Almond Music, and one of Dalton's web design clients.

Ranford Almond

Lead Artist & Founder

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