Nerd Alert Music

A web design showcase of some of the pages of the Nerd Alert Music website. Showcasing a dark mode design with purple and green accents. This is a modern looking design with lots of custom made graphic design imagery such as two spacemen hovering in front of a purple and green galaxy with stars in the background.

To The Stars! ...

A mobile phone mockup picture showing the Nerd Alert Music website design. Two astronauts floating in front of a green and purple galaxy is the main focus.


Nerd Alert Music


April 2023


North Carolina, USA

During the pandemic, Nerd Alert Music, an electro-funk-pop band founded by seasoned musicians Logan and Tyler, sought to establish a strong online presence for their music and merchandise promotion. Their challenges included the need for an online sales channel, the struggle to balance design expertise with time constraints, the urgency of an upcoming album release show, and the critical importance of revenue generation.

To address these issues, I stepped in, creating a dynamic website showcasing merchandise, music, events, and milestones, along with ensuring secure and user-friendly shopping.

This solution resulted in a remarkable increase in revenue and community appreciation following the website's launch, boosting the band's confidence, streamlining operations, and generating new opportunities for their musical journey. In conclusion, the website not only met immediate needs but also paved the way for long-term success, enhancing revenue and reputation while opening up exciting new prospects.

"Working with Dalton was fun! I was very impressed. He took just a couple simple, static assets and really got creative with building out the concept and design from there. I could tell he spent a lot of time on the small details, and that's where it counts."
A testimonial headshot picture of Logan Venderlic, the co-founder of Nerd Alert Music, and one of Dalton's web design clients.

Logan Venderlic

Producer & Co-Founder

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