Mainely Outdoor Living

A web design showcase of some of the pages of the Banded Glass website. Showcasing a light gray design with hints of military green accents. This is a modern looking design with lots of imagery.

Crafting natures masterpieces

A mobile phone mockup picture showing the Mainely Outdoor Living website design. A beautiful landscaped garden on a bright sunny day is the main focus.


Mainely Outdoor Living


April 2023


Maine, USA

Mainely Outdoor Living, a small landscape design company in Maine, faced several challenges with their existing website. These included a less-than-optimal user experience, a lower-than-desired search engine ranking, inconsistencies in branding, a lack of content structure, important pages that were missing, and an outdated design. Their primary goal was to improve user engagement, encourage contact, and showcase their portfolio effectively.

The solution involved a comprehensive website redesign, including a fresh modern look, essential page additions, a portfolio showcase, contact form integration, enhanced user experience, clear information hierarchy, and SEO optimization.

The redesigned website led to increased user engagement, positive feedback, improved usability, better SEO ranking, and increased contact form submissions. In conclusion, the website redesign not only resolved initial issues but also transformed it into a valuable and engaging platform that effectively represents the company's brand, services, and portfolio, contributing to increased client engagement and business growth.

"Dalton was incredible to work with! His ability to take a vision and bring it life was done with a level of detail that surpassed my expectations. Extremely personable, timely and easy to work with. Highly recommended!"
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Ben Stout

Principal Designer & Owner

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