Isaac Hadden Organ Trio

A website showcase of the IHOT website design. 7 design pages are laid out in a carousel fashion. The design is mostly a deep blue color with many images throughout.

A Distinct Voice in the World of Funk & Jazz

A mobile phone mock up image depicting the IHOT website design as it would look on a mobile phone. A young man playing guitar is the main focus, along with the words that read "New Album "The Glue" out now", and a red button that says "Listen Now"


Isaac Hadden Organ Trio


November 2023


North Carolina, USA

The Isaac Hadden Organ Trio (IHOT), is an incredibly talented group of musicians. They recognized the importance of establishing a strong online presence to broaden their reach, promote their music, and sell merchandise. IHOT expressed the need for a robust ecommerce platform, and a desire for a unique website design to match their style and branding. They reached out at the end of November, and shared their desire to have the site finished in time for Christmas.

I provided a comprehensive solution, creating a unique ecommerce website design showcasing IHOT's music, tour dates, merchandise and more, and provided coaching on how to use Shopify's user-friendly content management system for making future updates - all completed much before their Christmas deadline.

The distinctive design of this new site has helped them stand out as professionals in their community, and has given them an efficient sales system, something the group was eager to have. With the help of their new website, they now have more time and motivation to expand on their music and creative pursuits. Positive publicity and community support post launch has further enhanced their reputation, sales and visibility. In conclusion, the website not only met IHOT's immediate needs but also paved the way for long-term success, empowering them to pursue their musical career with confidence, connect with fans, and achieve a higher level of artistic success.

"Dalton was a joy to work with. He stayed in communication throughout the entire process and made it clear he had my best interest at heart. Super quick turnaround too. The website turned out awesome and I’m so thankful for all of the hard work. Highly recommend to anyone looking for quality web design."
A testimonial headshot picture of Isaac Hadden, owner of IHOT, and one of Dalton's web design clients.

Isaac Hadden

Founder & Lead Guitarist

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