Banded Glass

A website showcase of the Banded Glass website design. 7 design pages are laid out in a carousel fashion. The website design is mostly a deep purple color, accented with a blue and yellow. The design has many engaging icons, colors, and images throughout.

Transform your space with custom glass artwork

A phone mockup picture showing the Banded Glass website design. A picture of  Custom glass art is the main focus, along with text that reads "Transform your space with custom glass artwork".


Banded Glass


February 2023


North Carolina, USA

Banded Glass, led by artist Meghan Carroll in Asheville, North Carolina, aimed to establish their digital footprint to showcase and sell their unique glass artwork. The challenge was to create a platform that reflected the bespoke nature of the glass pieces, from kitchen items to decorative ornaments, while ensuring an engaging user experience for art enthusiasts and customers.

I developed a comprehensive branding and web design solution, resulting in a visually captivating website that highlights the artist’s craftsmanship and allows for easy exploration and purchase of the glass art.

This strategy significantly improved online visibility and sales, fostering greater appreciation within the community and beyond. The project not only met the immediate goal of introducing their artwork to the world, but also set a foundation for long-term engagement and growth, celebrating the artistry of Banded Glass while opening new avenues for business and artistic expression.

"Dalton is an amazing designer and did a fabulous job creating the website for me! I greatly appreciate his attention to detail, creativity, and enthusiasm on all the aspects of the site. He is very talented and was able to answer every question I had throughout the process. I highly recommend Dalton for any of your website design needs!"
A testimonial headshot picture of Meghan Carroll, owner of Banded Glass, and one of Dalton's web design clients.

Meghan Carroll

Owner & Founder

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